We provide certainty for on-chain AI

AI hyperscale on decentralized networks

Inference will dominate future Internet traffic. Just as HTTPS/TLS secures websites, Inference Labs ensures AI security with equivalent protocols and solutions.

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We believe in a future where AI is sovereign By default and governed by cryptographic certainty over centralized authorities.

Where new economies are decentralized by design and computational integrity is Native to protocolS.

/// 01. Decentralized AI, owned by all

With cutting-edge distributed networks to empower a transparent and secure environment where AI can thrive, foster participation and accelerate growth.

/// 02. Mathematically verifiable proofs

State-of-the-art cryptographic verification guarantees computational integrity for sophisticated machine learning algorithms—rely on mathematics over magic or trust.

/// 03. Open-Source protocols, game theory

Promote a market-driven approach for governance of AI vs Centralized Authorities. A self regulating network effect of verifiable intelligence.


The ultimate partnership. Distilled human intelligence with the observability and reliability of turing machines - Code is law.

>>> Features

omron SUBNET

The digital marketplace for Inference Verification on Bittensor

Omron seamlessly connects users to specialized services within each Bittensor subnet, combining access to various digital commodities, or computational tasks, with cryptographically verified AI predictions using zero-knowledge proofs.

Omron is the most critical infrastructure subnet on Bittensor.

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